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Entry #3

Game in the making!

2008-12-03 14:34:02 by animatorjones

the search is over, now it's time to start!

thanks everyone!

ill post pictures of production here at some point in the future if needed.


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2008-12-04 19:16:07

Glad to see you found someone !
Be sure to PM me when you finish it or finished a beta !
I wish you good luck and I seriously can't wait !


2008-12-05 18:22:14

you just made my day =)


2009-04-07 12:14:07

Your stuff is awesome! Id love to see some more stuff from you.


2009-08-01 15:01:35

you..umm...still working on this?


2009-08-03 22:34:18

still waiting!! ^_^


2009-10-21 05:45:38

Hey buddy, your old friend here. If you by chance happen to see this, message me back. Been too long since I've seen you. I have a flash idea I want to follow through with, and wanted to pick your mind about it. Let me know if you're still alive?


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