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If you're not rating this 5star you have issues.

you keep it fresh every time dude, lol I always get at least a laugh or two from each toof ep. Your voice got a work out this time XD Grandmas/pas such strain. Great as always good sir.
And yeah good job getting used to doing the voice of *** again. (shit I just don't know how to spell his name lol... and I just looked through your older vids to see if it was written in any description but i'm not having luck... he's the "foreign" sounding one who's pretty much my favorite of the bunch.)

lol anywaaaaay, best of luck man!


MACception responds:

Thanks so much man... This one flopping as bad as it did, I needed some love from ya.

The rebirth of TooF isn't getting off to the kinda start the originals did... I'm thinking of just doing a couple more to see if being consistent again is worth anything. If the ball doesn't gain momentum, or stops like it did with this one, I will probably wrap it up again. This episode will probably only get like 300 views... It's just not worth dumping 20 hours into each episode for that :(

Loved it

Really a solid piece! The animation is simple yet smooth throughout. The way everything turns out is clever and fun. I just really loved this to be honest. Simplicity at its best.

make more and good luck with future work.


billyblob responds:

Hello Jones,
Your comments are much appreciated. I will try and get more posted soon.


Great work hosting Mr. Shack. was fun to be involved :D

M-Shack responds:

It was fun to work with you guys, I'm sure we'll get some more similar animations in the future.

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very nice

i do think it's funny seeing the remarks about the quality dropping for some strange reason and giving low scores because of it. I was highly impressed with how you two managed to make those transitions. It must have been harder than just lowering the quality through programming, i saw plenty of core visual changes as well so either way i was impressed by that alone. Excellent short ride. a few things seemed to not fit well even if it IS about abstraction and i thought it odd to add the coins if not for a distraction but it worked so either way :]

well done you two

impressed that you got this done in flash and it's

just about as slick as lumines but i could easily call this a lumines port to a friend rather than a similar game. So points off for it not exactly being your idea, but you definitely get my vote for the execution being so similar to such a popular title and bringing it into flash :] very impressive programmer no doubt


Pretty amazing. But you know what kind of game you've made when you say "please don't kill me" in the author comments haha. i'm sad to say i didn't get my tea, but i got a laugh out of the game and give you props for having the stones to pause the game with text for every jump, poff, and stomp in a platform game.


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AHHHH I FINALLY FOUND IT!!! it is 2kfucking18 and I've been looking for this for at least 8 years. I could not find it on the site for some reason. I used to listen to this at my first job in my down time sometimes among other free NG music- so this is a major nostalgia kick. This is such a genius remix to such a killer song.

Ugh- you have no idea how good this day is now that I can listen to this again, other remixes just don't have this kind of unique hype to them. The quality is a bit different I think, but maybe that's on my end.


this is i'm sure amazing to anyone who hasn't heard the original or played the game on the 64...

but for the nostalgic listeners (myself included) it doesn't get better than this for a remix.

so impressed!

thank you

nice piece

at first i wondered why is this in the video game section? as it wouldn't normally fall under that category for my ear. But then it hit me that this would be perfect for an intro or transition scene in a somewhat serious game. "stranded in a forest at night" or even a coastal scene i could almost make those wooshing sounds out as waves if i had the right visual aid.

haha rambling... anyway nice piece even if it doesn't have much of a melody at its core it definitely sets the mood

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The water has to be rotoscoped, right?

This is accurate.
Its title is so good alone, all you need is one still of Batman and you want to say, Batman's the man regardless...

How has no one mentioned the subliminal Vag? He's created a fish out of female genitalia. Can you expect any less from such a free flowing pervy mind?

Prepare to see a bit more of me on the portal. i've been away but i have a ton of work in the making!

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